About Us

Petro Laboratories Inc. is a full-range analytical and consulting company in Canada specialized in the quality analysis of lubricating oil, fuel, and petrochemical products. Established in 1987, we offer quality analysis of:

  • Industrial lubricating oils and greases
  • Fuels
  • Transformer oils
  • Other product evaluation services


Industrial Lubricants

Engine oil - Hydraulic oil -Turbine oil - Cutting oil - Bearing grease; Preventative maintenance programs - Wear metals - General properties and specifications - Chemical contamination - Research and development support


Gasoline - Diesel - Furnace oil - Kerosene - Naphtha - Jet fuels - Bunker oil - Boiler oil - Alcohols - Waste oil; Condition of fuels - General properties and specifications - Chemical contamination - Additive analysis -Research and development support

Transformer Oils

General oil properties - Moisture content - Power factor and dielectric breakdown - Transformer gas analysis  -PCB content 

Other Product Evaluation Services

Aqueous and organics ICP metals analysis - Elemental analysis on all matrices - Raw material quality control - Finished product quality control -Chemical contamination - Product troubleshooting and failure analysis - Development of custom analytical procedures

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Petro Laboratories Inc.

1295 Matheson Boulevard East, Mississauga, ON, Canada, L4W 1R1

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